Cinephile Vol. 6, No. 1: Sound on Screen

The latest issue of UBC’s film journal, Cinephile, is out now:

Even with a relatively innocuous theme such as ‘Sound on Screen,’ by some sick serendipity Cinephile still ended up with bold art and essays about suicidal families, occult a/synchrony, and ominous sounds eliciting apocalyptic dread. Such is our habit: taking a relatively straightforward and inoffensive topic and vomiting all over it. Nevertheless, our academic aim is sincere in contributing to what is perhaps the most underappreciated and undeveloped area in film studies. This is not to discount what precious little theory does exist on film sound; our objective is to advance from this base in exciting new directions. Hence our enthusiasm to announce these six original pieces with a loud “blaaaarrrgh!”

– Editor’s Note

I was the web and layout editor once again, as well as a member of the editorial board.

Check it out here:

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