clipnotesClipNotes is a software program that uses XML mark-up of film to facilitate quick segmentation, annotation and presentation of film clips. The design of ClipNotes is deceptively simple: it allows users to mark up video files with metadata and present this analysis. Start/stop times, clip descriptions, and captions are assembled in easily-produced XML files. When the XML file is linked to the video file, precise, granular analysis is made possible and is easily presented and disseminated. ClipNotes aims to collapse the research and presentation divide in film analysis by bridging the two: the user’s textual research and analysis is also the development of their presentation. Users are encouraged to upload their own XML files to a public, user-submitted repository at, which we hope grows to become an extensive database of freely available teaching and research materials. For obvious copyright reasons, the films are not included, but guides are available to demonstrate how DVDs can be easily and legally encoded into digital files under fair use exemptions. In addition, the database will eventually provide unique research opportunities, in the form of data-processing and pattern recognition of annotations and descriptions. Currently, ClipNotes is available as an iPad app, PC and Windows 8 versions are near completion, and we hope to develop more platforms in the future. The project lead is Stephen Mamber and I am contributing to the development of the software, building and maintaining the website, organizing the XML database, and liaising with the library.

deWaard, Andrew. “ClipNotes in the Classroom: Film Annotation Software for Instruction and Collaboration.” Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier 3.3 (2016).

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